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I love looking at posts from all the wonderful style bloggers out there.  I marvel at the amazing outfits they put together and I’m in awe of their posing skills.  Their photos always look so polished and effortless.

And I always find myself wondering “Where are they going in that outfit?”

Not in a judgmental way, just, I really want to know where they are going.  I feel like life has gotten way too casual for my liking and I love to see people really dress up for an occasion.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone decked out in diamonds at the opera or sporting a jaunty hat to afternoon tea.  Because if we can’t dress up for these occasions, then when can we?  And on the flip-side of that, I love it equally when I see people dress up for everyday life.  Why not wear a fabulous coat and bag over your skinny jeans to the grocery store?  It’s your life, dress for it!

Now I’ve been known to wear a bit of an everyday uniform when I’m hanging out with my daughter or running errands, but when it comes to going out, I like to make sure to put in a bit of an effort.  I feel like it is not only an opportunity to show my personality and my mood through what I’m wearing, but it is also a sign of respect to the other people that I’ll be seeing.  It was just the way that I was raised.  Clothes were important to both of my parents and they both had their own personal style.

So I thought I’d share with you what I wore to my daughter’s 2nd birthday party.  Well, to her 3rd 2nd birthday party (click here if you want to hear the whole story!)  By the way, I totally tried to take some of those cool pictures that I see on other blogs, but my inner goof-ball just wouldn’t cooperate.


The weather was still a bit chilly, so I ended up wearing some opaque tights (these are my favourites) and suede high-heeled booties (full disclosure, the heels didn’t last long).  I can totally see myself wearing this dress when the weather warms up with some ballet flats or a wedge sandal.


My daughter loves the tassel necklace, and I know I will be wearing it with just about everything this spring.  Which could pose a problem when she wants to wear it instead! By the way, Chiara’s adorable dress is from Marimekko (it’s actually a tunic, but she wore it as a dress).


Here’s how I put the outfit together (on the right) and on the left, I’ve shown how I would lighten it up for spring.  The dress was super comfortable, and I was able to do all my hostess-y duties in it while still running around after my daughter and hanging out on the floor (when need be).  Those are all the hallmarks of a good dress to me!


Birthday Party Chic

Dress, Nordstrom / Necklace, Nordstrom / Booties, Long Tall Sally
Spring Edit:  Sandals, Long Tall Sally / Ring, David Yurman

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  1. I love this post, Laura. You make me WANT to pay attention to how I look, not just at my computer (pajama-clad entrepreneur) but also when I walk out the door. I now find myself saying, “What would Laura think?” In a good way! I think I may have been brought up in an era of “Sunday best,” you save your best clothes for Sunday because you don’t want to wear them out. This line especially: “… it is also a sign of respect to the other people that I’ll be seeing.” What a wonderful reminder that our personal style can be a gift to those we encounter as well. Thank you!


    • Thank you so much Sue Ann! This comment just gave me a rosy glow. You totally get me!


  2. I love that you dress not only for the event, but also for function, and yet stay stylish. I would be inclined to wear something wash-n-wear, baggy and pant-related if I knew I would be on the floor with kiddos. I love your confidence in your personal style and how you embrace it and yet mesh it so beautifully with your lifestyle. You are a cool mom!


  3. Love this post, it’s so inspiring! I’d love to wear more dresses, but it’s not very practical as I live in a flat with no garden – I have to walk my dog 3 times a day, and my fear of ticks means that not only do I wear trousers, I tuck them into my shoes! It’s not a great look, but it is a functional one… 😉


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