My Top 14 Non-Toxic Beauty Products

When I was trying to have a baby, I did everything I could to get pregnant (well, just about everything). Then my nutritionist suggested changing all of the conventional beauty products I used because of the hormone inhibitors and all kinds of other scary stuff these products can contain. “Ee gads!” I thought, “Get rid of all my tried and true products, that had been carefully curated over all these years to help smooth, cleanse, conceal, enhance, lengthen & gloss every inch of me????”

I could give up sugar and dairy (just about) but give up my foundation???? Was she crazy?!?!!

I had had cystic acne in my teens and twenties and had been using some scary strong stuff on my skin to keep it under control. And I don’t even want to think about what was in the stay-in-place-all-day foundation I used to cover up all the marks left behind by those pesky zits (both on my face and in my mind). I was really afraid to start all over again and mess with the hard-won detente that my skin and I had reached.

But I was determined. The desire to have a baby was enough to have me doing a giant purge of my bathroom shelves. My husband had never been so happy – he always says I look better without all that makeup anyway (and the bathroom cupboard was finally clutter-free).

Now I had to go on a journey to discover some healthier alternatives to the products I was used to using. What I learned along the way was that I didn’t need to be at war with my skin anymore. I could throw up the white flag! These products helped me find harmony and come to peace with the beauty that is me.


Organic Beauty



  1. Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser:  I’m a sucker for thick, luscious lather.  For some reason, it just makes me feel like a product is working.  This cleanser does not disappoint!  It starts out looking like a sugar rub but then something magical happens and it turns into a creamy foam on your face.  Oh, and it works beautifully too! I keep a tub in my shower at all times.
  2. Butter London Nail Polish:  I love a good pedicure (I’m kinda “meh” on manicures).  Sitting in the massage chair while someone works on my feet?  A little piece of heaven!  I love all the colours from this brand and their products are all free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, phthalates and parabens. And names like “Primrose Hill Picnic”, “Snog” and “Frilly Knickers” appeal to the Anglophile in me.  God save the Queen!
  3. 100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette:  I don’t tend to wear a lot of colour on my eyes, I like a more natural look on a day to day basis.  This palette has the perfect neutral colours to look polished and includes a luminizer and blush.  And I can never resist a palette (they seem to be hard to find for organic products).
  4. 100% Pure Blush:  I like a bit more of a pop of colour on my cheeks than the shade provided in the palette, so I use the Cherry blush by the same company.
  5. 100% Pure Honey Almond Hydrating Wash:  Love the scent of this body wash!  It leaves my skin so silky and smooth, I don’t use a body lotion.
  6. Arbonne CC Cream:  My foundation was one of the hardest things to give up and I tried a lot of different brands before I found the perfect one for me.  It has just the right amount of coverage and moisture (plus a whole lot of other great things for your skin).  I finally feel like instead of covering up my skin, I’m actually feeding it!
  7. Arbonne “It’s A Long Story” Mascara:  This was another product I had a hard time replacing.  I searched high and low and finally found a mascara that worked for me that didn’t flake.  It is a very natural look – it won’t give you big thick, curly lashes – but I’m very happy with it for everyday use.  I do use a Shu Uemura lash curler before applying.
  8. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint:  I love a product that does double duty!  I throw this in my purse so I can have something to add some colour to my face in a pinch.  It is a great, natural looking tinted lip balm (not too glossy).
  9. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze in Lychee:  Apparently a woman can eat an average of 7 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.  Just imagine the toxins and chemicals you are ingesting this way!  I love this shade, it is the perfect neutral pink and the lip glaze is super moisturizing.
  10. ilike Organic Yogurt Power Peel:  This is a great exfoliating mask for when I just feel like my skin needs some extra oomph.  It brightens and softens and leaves my skin looking fresh as a daisy.
  11. Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel:  This is my saviour when I get the occasional breakout.  Yes, I’m over 40 and I still get zits.  Sigh.  But with this gel, I don’t feel like I have to blast the living daylights out of my skin to send that pimple packing. A little goes a long way, so I have the small tube.
  12.  Yarouk “Feed Your Do” Styling Whip:  I have naturally wavy hair that can go crazy in the humidity.  I love this styling paste because it brings out the natural curl and texture while keeping the friz under control without weighing it down.
  13. Arbonne Pure Vibrance Shampoo:  I was happily using another shampoo when I found that after a while, my hair just didn’t have the same lustre and bounce that it used to and it was dragging me down.  And I love my hair.  It is my crowning glory, if you will.  Don’t mess with my hair!  Arbonne came to the rescue again with this shampoo.  It leaves my hair bouncy and full every single time I use it.
  14. Arbonne Pure Vibrance Texturizing Mousse:  I was an 80’s chick and so when I saw this mousse, I thought “Mousse?  Do people still use mousse?  How ’80’s!”.  Now unlike fashion, I don’t believe that if you used mousse in the 80’s you can’t use it again now.  This is the perfect styling product for my hair – it never weighs it down and leaves it very manageable.
  15. Canadian Shield Cream DeodorantOK, I know the title said 14, but after I posted I realized that I completely forgot to add my favourite deodorant!!  This was one of the first things I switched, even before working with my nutritionist.  I used to use the stuff that was advertised as being effective for something crazy like 72 hours.  I don’t even want to know what is in that stuff.  I tried a lot of different deodorants before I found this one that I really like.  It does the job and it does it well.  Nuff said.

So that’s it!  The list of my 14 (scratch that – 15) must-have non-toxic beauty products.  I showed you mine, now you show me yours!


  1. Hi Laura! What a great story. Thanks for listing all the natural beauty products and giving us you spin on them. Fantastic!


  2. Hi Laura, what a great post! So good to read not only the recommendations,but also the reasons why you started using all these products. I am looking for a new foundation at the moment, I may give yours a try, and I love a good shampoo recommendation! X


  3. Great post, Laura! I detoxed my bathroom a few years ago and now I only use organic olive oil soaps (solid Marseille soap or liquid castile soap from Dr Bronner) on my skin, and organic oils as moisturiser (almond oil, argan oil, grapefruit oil). Sometimes I mix my own oils, which is great fun – such as argan oil with a little peppermint oil (makes it tingly), tea tree oil (antiseptic) and rosehip oil (great for the skin). In the shower I use the same soaps and organic Earth Friendly Baby shampoo (baby products always have better ingredients than products for adults) and occasionally I use an organic conditioner from Sukiri. I also make sure that the products I use are cruelty-free. I hardly ever use makeup, as my ex used to say I looked better without it as well. I use it so rarely now that I have to buy a new mascara each time! 😉


    • Wow – thanks Neens! What a great list. I’ll have to try mixing my own oils.


  4. Thanks for sharing your nontoxic list of beauty products! Some of the ones you listed are my favorite! I love 100 % pure! Some other great brands I’ve tried are Pacifica (love their mascara!), shea moisture (love their bar soap), and my all time favorite Ava Anderson Non Toxic products (they have everything!) I used to be a Arbonne user but discovered that they had a lot of toxic ingredients that I wanted to avoid…I felt a little tricked by them. But luckily I found Ava Anderson non toxic and enrolled with them instead! If you ever want to know more info about Ava please email me or check out my website


    • Thanks so much Brooke! I’ll definitely take a look at Ava Anderson, I’ve never heard of them. I’m always looking to find new products to add/replace.


  5. I love that you took the time to curate this list, Laura. I, too, am very careful about what I put on my skin. For a long time my motto was: If I can’t eat it I don’t wear it. So coconut oil was my moisturizer and that was it. I am slowly adding a few things back. I love the Aesop line for face moisturizer (coconut oil was a bit much for my face) and my favorite lip balm is Bodyceuticals. I’m with Brooke on Arbonne, unfortunately. They have a very good marketing department but lots of toxic ingredients that are masked by the ‘good stuff’ they promote. Always enjoy reading your posts!
    P.S. I now have your voice ringing in my ears each time I pack a bag or shop for a new article of clothing!


    • So good to know re: Arbonne! I had no idea. Thanks Sue Ann. I love that I’m in your head (in a good way I hope!)


      • Oh yes! In a VERY good way.
        P.S. Can you send me that form again so that I can write you a testimonial? I was traveling when you sent the first one so it is buried deeply in my inbox somewhere. Thank you!

  6. rebecca@altaredspaces

    Love this: “I could give up sugar and dairy (just about) but give up my foundation???? ” Foundations are like gravity, how are we anchored without them?

    I don’t wear makeup…except mascara. I’m an eyelash girl. And I do wear lipstick occasionally. But I’m totally drawn in by your writing style and you make me want to make myself over. Not in the the make up sense, but in the style sense.

    It’s this word, “foundation” that draws me in. What is MY foundation. I’m with your husband, that natural look is where it’s at for me, yet I crave style. What is mine? Because it’s time to attend my children’s graduations, I want to be looking my best. What IS that? What is the gravity that anchors me to …well…ME?

    I think this is at the essence of what you found as you surrendered products in search of the look you wanted to keep as you searched for YOUR BABY. Isn’t it great how we find an even deeper style when we go looking for our values? Love this.


  7. As a teenager I had horrible acne; and I, too, don’t even want to think about what I was putting on my face to help combat it. And even now that my complexion is mostly cleared, it’s hard to divorce myself from thinking that it’s still there. Just in the last few years, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with going make-up free … though, I have to admit, a good part of it is that I already get up at 4:30am to go to work and whatever I can cut out of my morning routine, is gone. Plus, I work at a demolition company, so no one is expecting beauty queens — luckily for me!

    I’m going to have to track down the exfoliate you mentioned — I love nice smelling sudsy stuff. :)


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