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Here’s my second installment of the “Moms of the Park” feature, where I get a little peek behind the scenes with the fabulous Aimee Cheshire from (an online designer plus size boutique). I met Aimee a number of years ago when I had my retail business and she ran MadisonPlus (a blog for plus size clothing).  I found her to be such an interesting and inspirational woman,  I was thrilled to be able to profile her here.  She is a Canadian living in New York with her lovely family and her smile is completely infectious.

So without further ado, here’s Aimee!

Name: Aimee Cheshire
Occupation: Co­Founder/ President of
Children: Lenora (3) & Lewan (1)
Her style in 3 words: Comfortable, quirky and cool


What’s the one thing you want your children to know about you?

“Before having them, I was afraid that being a good parent and simultaneously having a successful career would be impossible. I now realize that being a parent only compliments my work life.”

Is there something you hope they never find out?

“One of my fears of having children was the toll it would take on my figure. I worked hard on getting my figure to the place it was before having babies. In retrospect it seems so silly! But nevertheless it is a very real concern for many women.”

What’s your mom super­power?

“Managing the balance between work life and home life is truly a super­power. My superpower has given me the ability to turn off from work to spend quality time with them.”


Did you have a mom identity crisis?

“Though it was my dream to launch a plus size fashion boutique, after having Lenora (my first child), I was not sure I could run a business and be a mom. I felt such a strong pull to stay home with her and I thought that going to work was a disservice to her. I was scared she would feel neglected, or like she always came second to my job.

Having babies almost back­-to-­back was difficult on my body. After having Lenora, I had a new figure and I was happy with it. It wasn’t what it was before but it didn’t bother me. After having Lewan (my second child), I found myself at a weight that I was not comfortable living in. As time has passed, I am learning how to accept myself, my new figure, and to fit my personal style around it.

I might not be at the weight I want to be, but I will not waste time or energy on hating on my shape. I spent too much of my life criticizing my body. I want to steer my children away from that negative way of thought so they can never feel it.”


How did you deal with it? How did you find your way through/around/over it?

“I realized that not building Hey Gorgeous! would be a huge regret. Fulfilling my dream of providing fashionable clothing for curvy women was too important to me. I know my children will be proud of what I’ve done. When they are older they will see the importance of it, but for now I make it a point to not sacrifice my time with them.

I have become a stronger woman for coming to terms with my new post­-pregnancy body. Though I have my moments of negativity, I refuse to beat myself up about my body. Living, working, and breathing in the plus fashion community has been a huge help. This is an incredibly accepting community full of women with similar experiences to my own that boasts body positivity. The media that I consume in this community is full of women with full of figures that are realistic comparisons for myself. The whole process has reaffirmed why I am so dedicated to this industry and thankful to be free of the pressures of traditional media.”

Do you know a great mom who should be profiled in my next post?  Are you  that mom? Drop me a line!

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  1. Great post! after two Caesarian sections, my tummy has changed for ever! I really don”t mind atall, but society in general is very unforgiving of women who don’t spring back in to shape like an elastic band after childbirth. Your guest looks looks amazing. Beautiful, happy and stylish! X

    • rebecca@altaredspaces

      Penny, I think we need to be “the society” that changes what “society” thinks about springing back.

      Mommies need to love those bodies that give us babies.

  2. rebecca@altaredspaces

    Laura, I really love the idea of this series. It’s a great focus given your personal journey and it is so lovely for us to read about the reality of moms as they play with their kids in the park.

    “What’s the one thing you want your children to know about you?” I love this question because it presumes a two-way conversation. We don’t stop being people when we have our children. It’s actually very important that we keep something of our “life” whatever that is…occupation for pay, volunteering, artistic endeavor… that is separate from our children. It allows rest. Moms need rest. It refuels us.

    And then our children have something to look toward as they begin to establish themselves rather than merely being supported, which I think simply raises self-centered children.

    Thanks for asking this lovely question of your guest!


  3. Love this piece and all the body positivity! So nice to see fashion dynamo mamas such as you & Aimee featured on this site. You both rock! Looking forward to more cool Moms of the Park :)


  4. I love the thoughtful question you ask in this series and the wisdom in the responses shared here, especially this: “I might not be at the weight I want to be, but I will not waste time or energy on hating on my shape. I spent too much of my life criticizing my body. I want to steer my children away from that negative way of thought so they can never feel it.”

    Having spent much of my life witnessing my mother’s struggle around her weight and the impact that struggle had on her family I applaud the work you are doing in the plus fashion community. This is an important conversation to have and to understand. Having worked with (and lived among) so many women and girls who spend their lives striving for body types that do not speak ‘healthy,’ these words feel like balm. Thank you.


  5. Great blog post – I particularly love the jean and blazer ensemble! Haven’t seen cuffed jeans before, they would be ideal for me as I’m vertically challenged and can never find trousers that are short enough. :-)


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