1. Great post Laura. A difficult situation for you, and for all working Mum’s. There are no easy answers X

  2. Rebecca mills

    Lovely post. Working women everywhere deserve so much respect. We all walk a fine line…


  3. Oh, Laura, those words tugged at my heartstrings, too. I can only imagine how they torment you, the mama. No easy choices here, I know, but I love it that you are following your dreams and your instincts, too, and that you are taking this one step at a time. Sometimes, when finances feel tight, and I’m feeling a little insecure about this whole entrepreneurial adventure, I think about going back to work, too. And then, I look at my life and I feel pretty prosperous without the extra cash. I love it that we have the spaciousness to change our minds. Gorgeous look, indeed. You ALWAYS inspire me to get out of my sweats and into ‘my style.’

  4. Belinda Breen

    I love your style, Laura! I don’t have kids, but I was raised by a single-mom who worked full time. I can tell you that I learned a lot about the strength of women by watching my mother. She hardwired in me a beautiful sense of self. I think the fact that she worked so hard brought my me, my sisters and her closer together.


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