Meet Laura

Hi, I’m Laura Caravaggio.

I’m a personal stylist with curvy clientele and I’m a fashion and lifestyle writer inspired by all things beautiful – from closet to kitchen.
You might recognize my style. I dressed Gail Vaz-Oxlade from television series Till Debt Do Us Part and Princess for several seasons. I’ve been on Cityline, Breakfast Television Calgary, CHCH Morning Live and many other TV shows. My work has been featured in Loulou magazine, People Style Watch, More, Fashion Magazine and others. I was also one of the top 20 finalists in the W Network Experts Search.

I want women to feel beautiful and to always feel like they can present the best version of themselves to the world, no matter what their size or shape.

I come by my appreciation for fashion and finer things naturally. My mother was a seamstress before she moved to Canada and her father was a tailor. She sewed our exquisite, one-of-a-kind outfits for special occasions, of which there are MANY when you grow up in a big Italian family like mine. (My mother had such a great sense of occasion, something I hope to pass down to our daughter from her.) My father, too, was always a sharp dresser and I was so excited to go to the tailor with him – he only wore tailor-made suits – to choose fabrics and pick his ties. I’m sure that’s where I first discovered my love of fabric, matching silks and wools and tweeds. As a girl, I saw clothes as a labour and expression of love, and I still do.

When I grew up into a size 18/20, as a woman who expresses herself through her clothing, I was especially frustrated by the choice out there for women.

I felt limited in how creative I could be with my wardrobe. And I knew I wasn’t alone. I’ve had many calls from girlfriends, having a hard time finding clothes they could feel great wearing. The end result always seemed to be their feeling badly about themselves and their bodies. It just wasn’t right.

Dressing should be joyful.

It was in May 2007 that I took matters into my own hands and opened a boutique named Lola & Gigi, specializing in really gorgeous clothes in plus sizes. I opened the store I wanted to shop at! You can see some of the Lola + Gigi look-books, here, if you’re curious.

After five years of serving the most extraordinary shop clientele, I made the decision to close Lola & Gigi to turn all my energies to another dream: starting a family. Blessing of blessings, our Chiara arrived not long after.

And that’s where my loves beyond fashion come in.
My family is first, of course. I met my husband at a spirituality workshop. We had a bonding ceremony in Peru, then an Old Hollywood-themed wedding ceremony in a castle in Toronto on New Year’s Eve, and then we renewed our vows at an Elvis Chapel in Vegas on Valentine’s Day. That pretty much sums us up.

My husband is a vegetarian with a gluten intolerance and our daughter won’t eat meat yet, so I’m always looking to put together something packed with flavour and nutrition in 45 minutes or less. Plus, I’m Italian, so for me food = love.
I love British TV (actually, British almost anything). If there are accents and costumes, I will PVR it (unless it is sci-fi). And I may watch it wearing a hat.

I love afternoon tea.

I love old movies. My greatest rebellion as a kid was to sneak downstairs after bed to watch anything in black and white. Gene Kelly was my first crush.
I love cooking and entertaining (which is why this fashion and lifestyle blog covers what to wear to a party – and what delicious things to serve).

And I love peonies and paper dolls, of course.

 >>But enough about me…! I want to connect with you. I invite you to share your thoughts on the blog and tour my style services (offered in-person in Toronto and online, from anywhere).